Spanish Curriculum


At Macmillan Education we publish a wide range of curriculum materials in Spanish, for Spain and South America.

We create curriculum-focused materials for subjects such as Science, Social Science, Arts and Crafts, Maths, History and Geography. As well as creating material under the Macmillan Education name, our specialist imprints across the world help us to adapt to the needs of many different audiences.

Macmillan Education Iberia offers a varied and wide-reaching portfolio. In 2012, we formed a partnership with Edelvives, combining the very best of ELT and CLIL methodology with Spanish curricular expertise to offer support to bilingual and trilingual schools in Spain. The result of this partnership is the imprint ByMe, which produces quality materials for Spanish schools wishing to embark upon subject teaching in English. Macmillan Infantil y Juvenil publishes an extensive range of new and adapted fiction for teenagers and young learners to be used in class, beautifully illustrated with full parent support. Within Macmillan Professional we are committed to developing and delivering practical and motivating content for vocational training courses.

Across Argentina, Editorial Estrada and Puerto de Palos create integrated textbooks and multimedia materials for all school levels across the curriculum subjects, whilst the much-respected publishing brands Azulejos and Cántaro publish an impressive range of literature collections for all school ages.

Our Castillo publishing group lead our hugely successful Spanish curriculum publishing in Mexico, where it is the market leader for material for all ages from young learners to school leavers studying the national exams. Its quality publishing programme has won a number of prestigious accolades, including the International Children’s Illustrated Book and Editorial Art awards. Castillo’s children’s literature collection counts among it some of the best-loved modern children’s fiction writers like David Almond, Ana María Machado and Sonya Hartnett.

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