Nile Partnership

We know that when it comes to working effectively, partnering with government bodies, institutions, organisations and companies is often the best way to provide the most appropriate solutions for our markets.

In lots of regions, we work closely with Ministries of Education to develop appropriate teaching and learning materials for specific countries. Publishing projects are authored and advised by local experts either chosen by Macmillan Education, or proposed by Ministries for their knowledge of the local curriculum and teachers' needs. We then provide editorial support throughout the writing process through training and workshops, and supply production expertise for local publishing. In recent years, we’ve won publishing tenders in Armenia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jamaica, Liberia, Malawi, Palestine and Saudi Arabia amongst many more.

The partnerships we build locally are a crucial part of the reason that Macmillan has been so successful in many regions. You can find some examples of our key partnerships below.


NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) is a world-leading centre of teaching and training excellence for English language teachers and trainers and we have had a close working relationship with the company for many years. In 2016, we partnered with NILE to develop and promote quality teacher education programmes worldwide. This partnership is one step in the new teacher professional development strategy for Macmillan Education, which began with the creation of a new dedicated team working on both formal and informal learning, delivered online, blended and face-to-face. Our partnership with NILE is based on shared values and priorities and its aim is to provide high quality training and support for English language teachers across the world.

Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2012-13, three English language courses, Get Ready, Lift Off, and Flying High for Saudi Arabia were developed with the ELDP (English Language Development Project) and more recently, Tatweer, to provide full coverage of the primary, lower secondary and upper secondary cycles in Saudi Arabia. Macmillan teacher training has now been provided to over 1,500 supervisors and teachers across the Kingdom.

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

We work closely with the FLTRP, China’s largest foreign language materials publisher. By sharing our separate areas of expertise, knowledge of China, the Chinese market and ELT publishing, we were able to work together to produce New Standard English, the first complete course based on the Chinese Ministry of Education curriculum. The course, which takes students from kindergarten through to secondary school has helped over 30 million students learn English since 2001.

Informed by FLTRP’s deep understanding of Chinese culture and experience in foreign language teaching publishing, we have also developed the innovative Discover China course for learners of Chinese. Discover China is specially designed for young adult and adult learners and employs a communicative approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on pair work, group work and on a variety of speaking and listening activities to help students become confident Chinese language speakers.

Trinity College London

Trinity College London is an educational charity that has been providing assessment, evaluation and certification for over 140 years. Macmillan Education’s innovative, high-quality ELT material fits with Trinity’s respected accreditation goals, which give the key to success to thousands of students studying English. Sharing the same goals but achieving them through different activities, this partnership allows us to combine content and accreditation.

Caribbean Examinations Council

We work closely with the Caribbean’s principal exam board to be able to provide relevant material to propel students in 23 territories across the region to success. By launching the CXC Store in 2014, Macmillan Education is helping the CXC to go digital so students can access past papers and exam materials whenever and wherever they are.   

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