From Afar to Zarna and Albanian to Zimbabwean, a host of encyclopedic entries now complement dictionary content

Macmillan Dictionary has got bigger and better than ever. In our latest update we have added well over 600 new entries, along with many new meanings and phrases. The focus of our most recent update was useful encyclopedic information - geographical names and nationalities. Our users often look up names of countries and, on the whole, until now, they could not find them. Drawing on authoritative sister publication, The Statesman’s Yearbook, we have been able to give accurate and up-to-date information about countries’ populations, geographical extent, flags, currencies and languages. But we have enhanced the lexical content too in a number of ways. We have further extended the coverage of specialist material such as terms used in legal English (direct intent, in limine, unfit to plead), making the dictionary the go-to resource for legal vocabulary. The update also includes trending new words, e.g. backstop, digital footprint, post-truth and post-fact, pound shop and dollar store...

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