No fake news: Macmillan Dictionary has undergone another major update, with well over 600 additions

Recent additions to Macmillan Dictionary include gaslighting, no-platform, smishing, buyer’s remorse (which trended after the Brexit vote) and mansplaining. New words range from the mildly unpleasant (like chub rub, microaggression), through the charming (cat café, manic pixie dream girl), to the cutting-edge (kompromat, fake news, and alternative fact). Responding to the developing conversation about gender, we’ve included terms such as gender-incongruent, non-binary,intersex, Mx, and gender-fluid. Meanwhile, the dictionary continues to improve its coverage of major world Englishes (beyond British and American English). In our last update, we more than doubled the number of words from South African English, as well as beefing up Australian and Indian vocabulary. Now for the first time we’ve added 30-odd words from the English of the Philippines, including barangay, despedida, and presidentiable...

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