Here you'll find everything you need for extra grammar practice, video materials and online practice to use alongside our ministry approved courses New Inspiration, Top Deck and Here Comes Super Bus.



Culture View

Culture View is perfect to use alongside New Inspiration, to enhance students’ cultural awareness with lively documentary and drama videos. With two DVD packs covering six topic areas and accompanying photocopiable worksheets at two levels on the CD-ROMs, Culture View is ideal for mixed ability classes. Watch a sample video and download worksheet and teacher’s notes on the our Macmillan English website. You can also download the Culture View mapping document for New Inspiration.


Macmillan English Grammar In Context

The ideal grammar reference and practice book to accompany New Inspiration, Macmillan English Grammar in Context takes students from the traditional practice of grammar forms through to topic-based practice exercises. See the course on Macmillan English where you can download the Scope and Sequence or a sample and find out more. You can also download the mapping document for New Inspiration.


Grammar Goals

Grammar Goals is a six-level grammar series for young learners. For more information see Grammar Goals on the Young Learners site.



We publish several series of graded readers for children, including Macmillan Children's Readers, Macmillan Factual Readers and Macmillan English Explorers. Download our mapping documents to see which readers you can use alongside all the ministry-approved courses to foster learner independence and download our free readers resources. Download the recommended readers list for Here Comes Super Bus, Top Deck, New Inspiration, Young World and Open World.



For a range of activities and ideas to motivate your students to read both inside and outside the classroom, have a look at our brochures:

Using Graded Readers in the Classroom

Using Graded Readers in the Young Learner Classroom

Using drama in the classroom

Tips for getting your children reading



Onestopenglish is the world's number one resource website for English teachers. If you are a subscriber, you can download hundreds of ready-made worksheets at all levels and for all ages with teaching notes including CLIL materials, songs, poems, flashcards, games, arts and craft activities, and much more. Download onestopenglish mapping documents for our courses:

Mapping Document for Here Comes Super Bus 3

Mapping Document for Top Deck 1

Mapping Document for Top Deck 2

Mapping Document for New Inspiration 1

Mapping Document for New Inspiration 2

Mapping Document for New Inspiration 3