Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary


New Get Inside Language

 Major new features of New Get Inside language - 2nd edition
• new layout
• a far greater number of exercises: graded activities often linked to the main
exam styles ones (First, Preliminary, IELTS)
• updated FIRST activities based on new Format 2015
• sections Put yourself to the test become PRELIMINARY / FIRST practice
• new audio check exercises for inclusive education
• strong focus at the end of Competences lab to separate the sections that compose it: integrating this section into the grammar units.
• mind grammar maps for Inclusive education and for a better comprehension of the grammar rules
• updated vocabulary section with new vocabulary topics linked to the external certifications, image banks, new vocabulary activities, specific ESP section (linguaggio di settore) following the new path Alternanza Scuola/Lavoro (school-work experience)
• Teacher’s Book: addition of new tests for unit and level and a section dedicated to students with educational needs.
Digital components: further practice with MPO (Macmillan practice online), students’ and teachers’ resources such as Flipped Classroom Videos, Exam Videos, digital Mind Maps, Editable tests, games, access to the Virtual Classroom through HUB Book.