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All our authors are experts in their field with an impeccable academic pedigree. Writing a coursebook is a costly investment both from a financial and time point of view for both Macmillan and the author. We don't want to waste your time, and so will tell you if your project doesn't match what we're looking for.

If you have an idea for a book or resource, then the first step is submit a proposal.

When submitting a proposal, please include the following information:

  1. Name and CV
  2. Target market, age and audience for the product or materials
  3. Clear overview or synopsis of the product or materials
  4. Clear overview of the learning outcomes
  5. List of components or delivery methods for the product
  6. Scope and sequence or introductory chapter
  7. Selection of sample materials   
  • This should be at least three chapters or units to show the range of the product or materials. This should include the first unit.
  • If product or material is for an electronic component, it should be delivered on sample CD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or via website. All passwords must be supplied, and the product must run on current industry standard software.     

Further guidelines on the proposal

  1. Final materials can be any length but for the proposal a summary is all that is required. You may be asked to submit the full proposal at a later date.
  2. Materials can be designed for classroom use or self-study but must have realistic learning outcomes.
  3. Materials can be for delivery in any medium, print or online.
  4. Materials submitted must be predominantly the work of the individual(s). If third party content has been used (such as songs, newspaper articles) then full references must be included, and copyright must have been cleared. If copyright has not been cleared the submission may be disallowed. 


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