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Macmillan has all the advantages of a large, international company in marketing, production, distribution, finance and purchasing. Its divisions act as a network of independent publishers, united in their commitment to quality publishing. We strive to support our authors as effectively as possible and are committed to building the best possible relationships; our aim is to be authors' publisher of choice. Macmillan Education takes very seriously its commitment to providing editorial support and attention to all of its authors. If you’d like to find out about writing for our websites, then there is no better place to start than our biggest community site,

How to become an author
Macmillan Education's publishing plan is revised regularly to take into account market trends and changes. If a new exam is launched, or a Ministry instigates a reform, we have to tailor our materials accordingly. The publishing plan means that we know which publishing direction we will be taking, but we do welcome unsolicited proposals and ideas. Although you might find that your material doesn’t fit within our current focus, it may well open the door. Click on the links to the right for more information.

Download the Macmillan Education Proposal Submission Form below.

Macmillan Education Proposal Submission Form - PDF version

Macmillan Education Proposal Submission Form - WORD version


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