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As a company we are constantly growing, so we are always looking for new people. We look for the people who want to stay and grow with our company. We want people who are not only keen to change and develop but are driven enough to initiate change themselves and seek out new ways to do business.

Two forces govern our company culture. The first is that we must be ready to change continuously so that we can meet new challenges and reach new markets. The second is that we want to enjoy what we do, if you've met a Macmillan Education employee you'll know this positive quality shines through.

We also work hard, and the job is often stressful and involves long hours. But nevertherless people stay with us because their roles develop and they enjoy the company. We look for character as well as skills, and often people who join us do not have any relevant work experience. What we look for is a passion for life, a sense of fun and the desire to make our company bigger, better and more exciting.

You can find information about current vacancies at

Freelancing for Macmillan Education

We are often looking for new freelance talent for a variety of tasks. If you are interested in freelance opportunities at Macmillan Education and would like more information, please view our FAQs section here.  




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