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Macmillan in the community

Macmillan Education has always recognised its responsibility to the local communities in which it works. That commitment might be through our regular donations of materials to disadvantaged schools through initiatives such as Book Aid. It might be through mentoring programmes, charitable work or offering work experience to overseas teachers. Many Macmillan staff make valuable contributions to the community through fund-raising events from cake sales to climbing Kilimanjaro.

Macmillan Academy

Another example of out work in the community is the recent ‘Macmillan Academy’ in Oxford, an evening school set up and manned voluntarily by Macmillan staff. The Academy was set up to teach English to non-native residents but also gives Macmillan staff members, many of whom are ex-teachers, a chance to trial our own materials in class prior to publication.

Oxford has become home to more and more non-native English speakers and Macmillan Education invited non-native speakers from the local community to come make use of resources and benefit from all this expertise and esperience for free

This was a great opportunity for Macmillan to support the local community by using the company's strengths and gaining valuable feedback at the same time.


Members of the local Oxford community taking advantage of the free academy.


Charitable activities are an important component of our commitment to social responsibility. So far in 2009 we have donated to several charities many of which are close to our employees’ hearts. Here is a selection:

Helen & Douglas House
Comic Relief
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Down's Syndrome Association
Save the Children

One charity that has recently benefited from the proceeds of a recent booksale at our Oxford offices has been the Friends of Della and Don charity.

The Friends of Della and Don is a non-profit registered charity aiming to make the lives of those in Sri Lanka more comfortable. Della herself works for Macmillan and whilst she was on holiday in December 2004, the country was hit by a devastating Tsunami. Della and husband, Don were lucky and escaped with their lives but many others were less fortunate. Since then they have been determined to help those that were left behind as best they can. 

Macmillan Education is delighted to have helped support some of the excellent work that is taking place in Sri Lanka, for example:

- Taking 80 orphaned girls out for a day at the beach
- Providing additional English lessons to the pupils at St Mary's School
- Providing funds to continue to support the Medical Clinic so that they can employ a doctor, buy drugs and pay for additional tuition for hard-hit families
…and lots more which you can find out about by visiting


Some of the children in Sri Lanka who benefit from the good work of the Friends of Della and Don charity


Macmillan Education has moved with the digital age and has recognised that communities evolve across the globe as well as within the local vicinty .The popular website has introduced onestopblogs a service bringing blogs together from English language teaching professionals everywhere.

It enables users from all over the world to interact and share their favourite blogs, find out what other teachers are talking about and to keep up to date with publications and conferences. Teachers from Kazakhstan, Australia, Yemen and Italy are all able to come together and share their thoughts, opinions and information.


















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