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Company ownership

Macmillan Education is part of the Macmillan Publishing Group which in turn is owned by Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH. Holtzbrinck is one of the world's leading media companies focused on print and electronic media, providing information, disseminating knowledge, and serving the needs of educational, professional, and general readership markets. It owns around 40 companies and its headquarters are in Stuttgart. Its interests include book, magazine and newspaper publishers and new media firms.

The Macmillan Publishing Group’s portfolio is built upon five key areas:

Fiction and non-fiction book publishing
Education and training publishing
Science, technical and medical publishing 
Academic and business publishing
Outsourced publishing services 

The origins of the company lie in the Stuttgarter Hausbucherei, a library founded by Georg von Holtzbrinck in 1948. The Hausbucherei gradually evolved into the Deutsche Bucherbund book club, which until the mid-1980s was the biggest company within the group. The 1980s saw expansion into English-language areas and the disposal of the book club. The company’s acquisition of a 70.81% stake in Macmillan in April 1995 assured its penetration into the English-language markets of the world and territories, such as Latin America and Japan, where English is in high demand. Holtzbrinck purchased the remaining shares in October 1999. This was the stage at which the Macmillan family formally ended its 156-year ownership of the eponymous publishing house.


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